This story is rated G. Anybody can read it, all ages.

This is just a sub story, if you want book one of the main series, go here.

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As a dark cover spread over the land of dogs and cats, in the dim light that shined from streetlights, two cats were walking to a large, golden door. "Why are we allies again?" Snarled a brindle tom with green eyes.

"Because we believe in the dog's view, not cats." Squeaked a black she-cat with yellow eyes and white paws, with a white tail tip aswell.

"Mittens, I just want to go to bed. You can take the important secret files to Star on your own."

"Robert, we've been through this."


And the two cats came to the door. A spotted male dog, identified as Pup, was sitting by the door. "Mittens, Robert."

"You know the code already."

"It's the law for you to tell me the code."

"Fine." And the cats cleared their throats. "Robert, ally of Lightning, foreign cat."

"Mittens, ally of Lightning, foreign cat."

"You may proceed for the 100th time." Pup snickered, and opened the large door. The two cats strolled in, and a female dog was sitting in the center of a nice town.

"You know the drill." she spoke clearly. Mittens nodded, and dropped a chip to her paws. "Secretive information.."

Star smiled, and nodded to the castle. "Spend the night?" Robert asked. Star nodded, and they walked off into the darkness.