This story is for ages 10 and up.

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Rule #1Edit

Mermaids Always Sing.Even If They Can't.

I'm a mermaid.

I doubt anyone reading this will believe me,but I am.If you found this,good for you.If you're a mermaid,too,I have some tips for you...

“Music lessons?"

Mother nodded.“They begin Monday after school."

I groaned.“But I can't sing,Mother, and you know it."She just rolled her eyes so I continued complaining about the unfairness of the dreaded music lessons.“I'll look like a fool!"

Mother shook her head at me,clucked her tongue,and said simply,“All mermaids sing.Now get ready for that birthday party if you're going,Alya."



I stomped up the stairs to my room.Decorated for a “true mermaid" as my mother puts it.Paintings of fish hung above my desk,painted a nice shade of green to match by bedspread.Starfish hung on the wall and seashells were glued to my headboard (which ruined the antique furniture,by the way) and I had a bookcase filled with junk.

My dresser,also green,stood against one wall and hurriedly I dressed in jean shorts and a grey top.I ran a brush - complete with real seashells and sand glued to the back - through my hair.

Honestly,Mother took the mermaid thing to a new level.She always told me to “keep the secret" but then pretty much blasted in to the world.My backpack has dolphins on it.I have a hat covered in fish scales.She braids dried seaweed into my hair (she says that Grandmother used to do that to her hair).Very secretive.

“Don't get wet!"Mother called as I walked out the door,as she did every time I left the house.Ever since I was little she had done that.

Miss Claudine was a strict old woman with neat hair piled in a grey bun atop her head.“Of all my students,"the old woman rasped,“You are by far the worst singer I have ever heard."

“I enjoy our lessons,too,"I said sarcastically.Miss Claudine glared at me.

Turning back to her music she said in her thick voice,“Let's take it from the top."Her bony fingers began to play the melody.

“Sometimes it's all to much,the world's gone mad I'm out of touch,"I sang slowly,trying not to stumble of the tune.“That's when I drift away.Remember good times,special days,no place like home my saving grace,that's when I drift away."

Miss Claudine nodded,“Keep going."

“My home,is where I wanna be.Happy days,deep in my memory.That's when I drift away.Let me drift away."

Miss Claudine looked up.“Well,at least that time wasn't terrible."

I nodded.“What time is it?"

“Oh you still have another hour of lesson time,dear."

I groaned.Torture.