Chapter One

Wish Upon a Star

“Nixie!"Sasha yelled,“Could you possibly be any slower?"

Pheonix pulled her golden hair back.“I'm coming!"

She heard Sasha let out a frustrated sigh.Nixie rolled her eyes,grabbed a backpack,and followed her sister out the door.

The heat pelted down on the girls as they hopped on their bikes,the wheels kicking up gravel as they rode.“What's the big hurry,anyway?"

Sasha rolled her eyes again.“Whatever.

The high,chain link fence and the diving board came into view,and Nixxie could hear the lifeguard's whistle,and water splashing,and kids yelling.The pool is really crowded today,she noticed as she took her bike to the bike rack - already almost filled.

Shadows cooled the water and the heat of the day,and,slowly,people began to leave.Sasha splashed water over Nixie,getting water in her eyes.

“Hey,"she protested,splashing back.

Sasha dove to avoid the retalliation.“You get back here!"Pheonix called,splashing her sister again as she came up for air.

Her sandy hair dripping down her back,Sasha,the older of the two,climbed out of the water.

Nixie knew what was coming and dove beneath the water.

Sasha jumped,sending water flying.

After a quick shuffle,the two girls floated on their backs,their hair trailing in the water.

Stars were beginning to come out.

“Do you ever wish on the stars?"Sasha asked suddenly.

Nixie,startled,said simply,“No,do you?"


The wind grew sharper.The still water rippled.

“If you could wish for anything,"Sasha said,“What would it be?"

The ripples on the pools surface continued,till the water was no longer glassy.“You know the answer to that,stupid."Nixie gave a faint laugh.

Nixie glanced over at her sister and saw her smiling.“I wish that too."

“They say if you tell people your wishes,they don't come true,"Pheonix said softly.

Sasha's hazel eyes reflected the starlight.“Well,if you wish for the same thing,I don't think it counts."

Nixie laughed.“I guess not."

The sisters grinned.They would habe to leave soon,but first,they knew what they wanted to do.

“I wish I was a mermaid..."

“I wish I was a mermaid..."