Chapter Three


Miria looked down at the books.She picked up the first one and opened the cover.It didn't look very helpful.Hoping she would find something,she turned to the first page,picked up her notebook,and began writing notes.

Most of the books were just mermaid legends,except for one fiction story she decided might be helpful.Still,she wrote down everything she found - about currents,tides,sirens,mermaid sightings.When the notebook was filled with what Miria hoped would be enough to give her a clue as to what happened to her,she set it aside.

She tied her hair back,changed into her swimsuit.Thankfully,her pool was surrounded by a tall fence.The only people who could see her were her parents,and they were too busy to come outside unless she called for them.

Miria's heart quickened.But she had to know what had happened to her.She took a deep breath and jumped into the water.

Her feet went numb.A shiver ran up her spine as she swam to the surface.Miria grabbed the edge of the pool and looked down into the water.A dark blue tail took place of her legs.The swimsuit she had been wearing was pastel pink.The top she was wearing now was the same blue as the tail.

She let go of the wall,treading water.This isn't possible,she reasoned,It doesn't make sense.

But at the same time,she knew it was real.She didn't want to believe it but it was.

Miria Kodi was a mermaid.

“Miria!"Her mother called,“Darcy's here."

The redhead scrambled to hide the mermaid books as Darcy Milur came in.“Hey Darcy."

Darcy,a tall girl for her age,smiled.“Miria,the weirdest thing happened this morning."

“What is it?"

Pulling her dark hair out of her face,Darcy grabbed Miria's hand and dragged her outside to the pool.“Watch."

Miria stepped back as her friend  jumped into the pool,sending droplets of water flying towards her.Darcy surfaced and floated across the top of the water.

Panic settled over Miria.A tail,almost identical to hers,had appeared when Darcy went into the water.